You can save in the short term or earn in the long term. The choice is yours. I take care of the precise design work and blend in years of experience. You can see my pricing below, although I’m open to agreeing on individual terms after our first project together.

Hourly rate 100 USD


E-commerce & Apps

I create complex systems full of relations. It could be a banking system, work safety app or travel agents’ management software. I analyse, discuss and propose feasible solutions.

starting at 2,000 USD


Website Design

Your business website is a key element of your communication strategy. You must shine. Each detail needs to be on your side. You have just seconds to confirm your authority.

1,300 to 3,500 USD


Audit & Consulting

Don’t have enough time or experience in the webdesign and UI design and you really need a helping hand? No worries. I’ll be happy to advise you or take responsibility for a given HCI project.

starting at 250 USD

I get the right people for the job

It’s not just the design. Website graphics or UI design for your app are critical, yes, but they’re not the whole picture. You may very well need a developer, marketer, copywriter and other professionals.

I have long-term working relationships with many professionals, so I can put together a solid team for your project. We can set the project up so that we make the best use of your internal resources and outsource the rest to reliable profesionals. Or if you prefer, I can join your team and work through your established processes. The goal is simple — that we achieve great results together.

Get the royal treatment for your money

I design websites and applications in Sketch and showcase the prototypes in InVision. I’ve worked with design apps by Adobe, Corel & Inkscape. These days I use Affinity Designer to create logos & prints.