21 years on the job

Interview with Robert Vlach, respected entrepreneur from Czechoslovakia

I’ve been working in design since I was 18. With hundreds of projects under my belt, I bring all the skills developed and lessons learned to bear on each new project. That saves you money and time. You tell me what you need and I get it done — no wasted time or false starts.

I have experience in a number of different design fields. I studied product design, exhibition design, graphic design, media and semiotics. My first gig was putting up stickers in an exhibition center, and later I taught myself web design. I co-founded an IT firm and spent a few years helping it grow. I was CEO of Pixmac stock photo agency, which was bought in 2013 by the American company Pond5. Currently I’m enjoying senior-level design, expert consulting & vanlife travel.


I come from Czechoslovakia, the southern wine region. Before I got into computers, I worked in my family’s business Valka Winery and I still lend a hand from time to time.

Before the internet boom and after, I’ve had the opportunity to help get promising projects off the ground. For instance, I did the icons for the PSPad editor, TheBat email client and Esmska app.





Design Media Mentions

Competition Judge

I support

  • Doctors Without Borders
  • Autism Nonprofit Fund
  • Good Angel
  • Path to a Dream
  • Heart Association

International Talks


Microstock Expo, Berlin 2011

ROI and Social Media

PACA, New York 2011

Articles in Online Media

Professionals, Partners & Colleagues

Robert Vlach

Well-known Czech entrepreneur and excellent business consultant for freelancers & corporations.

Bohumil Pospisil

Brilliant photographer who has worked with railway companies, breweries, insurance companies and banks.

Ondrej Valka

My cousin. Senior user interface creator for hw & sw.

Martin Zampach

Product designer with 3D printing experience and extensive 3D visualization skills.

Dusan Zvonar

Agile WordPress programmer, skilled in frontend HTML/CSS, backend PHP and databases.

Alex Preukschat

Blockchain and decentralization geek, community developer who has published a couple of bestsellers.

Amos Struck

Stock photo superpower brain. Knows everybody in the photo business and runs several projects.

Ali Hararwala

Project manager with global experience. Great experience in tech & crypto currencies.

Pavel Novak

Skilled programmer and creator of custom web apps. Lives and works in Valencia, Spain.

Peter Fodor

Mobile apps guru with extensive experience in design, dev & gamification. Avid traveller.
António Pedro Nobre

António Pedro Nobre

Screenplay master & film director from Portugal, living in Czechia.