User Interfaces, websites and icons. That’s me.

I am a reliable designer. I love design and I am not afraid of challenges. I can create your graphics and include everything the market demands. On time and for a price that’s worth it. — Fair enough?

My experience & skills save you time


I have experience. I have made websites, flyers and logotypes – more than a few times. I  know how to make customers happy. I can do design, and I have overall knowledge. — Vita Valka



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I've met Vita on ICQ on 24th March somewhere between 2000 and 2002. He was an early customer of our web-hosting service and definitely the best. Vita is tech savvy, great in UI/UX and most of all a great person. Human, straightforward, modest. It was an honor to work with him and I believe that I'll have more opportunities to do it again.

— Ondrej Raska – co-founder at Miton

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I know Vita as an outstanding connector, tying together various loose ends of Czech IT community. He possesses very advanced communication and social skills, being always friendly and willing to help, while not pretending anything of it all. Besides that, he has pretty good insight into many IT and design topics. Generally speaking, there are only few people of his kind and that is why I am always eager to meet him.

— Robert Vlach – founder at Na volne noze

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Vitezslav is an extraordinary and very skilled guy with bright web frontend & design ideas. At our company he carried out several projects on digital encyclopaedias and digital law portals which at present exceeds 100.000 registered users. I hope other web projects will follow :)

— Pavel Gardavsky – co-founder at Aion

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I have been working with Vita since 2007 and I can recommend him to everyone searching for serious professional with human approach. Vita is active, dynamic and has sense for details. He's smart and his ideas go directly to the core of things — great skills, which are missing in today's business world. I strongly recommend him!

— Thomas Tyre O'Hearn, II. – proof reader, editor and native English speaker